August 11, 2010

Doris Day Animal Foundation Gives LA Pets Some Needed Shade

Los Angeles - The Los Angeles Parks Foundation today unveiled a new shade pavillion in Laurel Canyon Dog Park, a gift to the animals from Doris Day.

Kathleen Hanover, LA Recreation & Parks (right), presents a dedication plaque to Doris Day representatives Lea Price and Diedrich Nelson.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park is well used by pets and their caregivers, but the location offers little respite from the Los Angeles sun.  Ms. Day's late son Terry lived nearby, and his own dogs often enjoyed the park. "Ms. Day couldn't think of a better gift for the years of joy this park gave her son and to the city she loves," said Dietrich Nelson, Miss Day's representative at the event.  "Now, everyone who comes to Laurel Canyon Park, both dogs and their keepers, will have a place to rest, reflect and enjoy."

A number of friends of the park and of Ms. Day were on-hand for the casual ceremony, and the park was filled with onlookers, human and canine, who immediately visited the shade structure once the ribbons had been cut. 

This positive experience with the Los Angeles Parks Foundation has inspired Ms. Day to make improvements to a dog park in her hometown of Cincinnati.  "Thanks to the Parks Foundation, the movement is growing," Dietrick said. "[Ms. Day]  also challenges individuals and corporation to help other parks in need."

Lea Price, longtime friend of Ms. Day, closed the ceremony by reading a special message from Miss Day with her dog Emmy nearby:

Dear Friends,

I want all of you to know that, more than anything, I would like to be there and meet all of the doggies who are going to be coming to the park and watch them run and play in complete freedom and safety.  And isn't it going to be nice that they'll have a shelter to get out of the sun?  We don't want them to get overheated, and I don't want you folks getting hot either.  

If I have a chance to be in L.A. again, the first thing I would do is go to the park and give each doggie a big kiss.  My hope is that all of you nice folks who take such good care of your pets will enjoy this park.  

I'm thrilled that I am able to help with the Laurel Canyon
Park Shade Pavilion.  Nothing makes me happier than giving to the doggies and all animals.

Hugs and kisses to all of your babies with my love,

Doris Day